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High-Pressure Cleaning for Edinburgh Homes & Businesses

We have provided high-pressure cleaning services to clients across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas since 2007. Our pressure washing services are available for walkways, paths, patios, brickwork, paving, driveways and decking as well as specialist high access pressure cleaning for more challenging to reach masonry and stonework. Our pressure washing services are available to homes and businesses across Edinburgh.


We provide expert high-pressure cleaning solutions to residential and commercial properties across Edinburgh. Our professional high-pressure cleaning equipment is used for many applications across our residential and commercial cleaning services.

Professional Application of Pressure Washing Equipment

After only a few years of exposure to the humid Scottish climate, moisture and pollution can leave your properties stonework, and external hard surfaces soiled. All buildings in Edinburgh, from new built residential and commercial properties to historical buildings and monuments suffer from moisture and pollution. These two elements are the main factors which cause our brickwork, stonework, Metalwork, UPVc, cladding and masonry to become stained and discoloured over time.

We can restore buildings external surfaces to their former glory with a mixture of high pressure and low-pressure cleaning solutions. Regardless if you have 400-year-old masonry or a brand new external metal facade, we can restore your surfaces using professional external cleaning equipment and products. Any Level Cleaning uses adjustable high-pressure equipment capable of reaching 4000 psi and eco-friendly cleaning products specific to your surface and staining to get the best results.

Pressure Washing Application Limits

The majority of pressure washers sold today are great small domestic power washing jobs like cleaning your car or bike, even a wheely bin if your feeling adventurous. But your average low psi, fixed pressure units will struggle to tackle any more significant jobs effectively.

Any Level Cleaning has years of experience operating industrial pressure cleaning equipment. Our equipment can be adjusted to the right amount of pressure needed for the job in hand and matched with the appropriate cleaning product for the surface we are cleaning. We can then lift the dirt and grime quickly and easily without damaging the surface we are cleaning.

We use our high-pressure cleaning equipment for many applications depending on our client’s requirements. Removing the build-up of dirt and debris is no problem using our adjustable high-pressure cleaning equipment and cleaning products. Our high-pressure cleaning equipment and methods are ideal for general cleaning of most herd external services including masonry, stonework, decking, paving, patios and pathways. We can even restore any bio stained or heavily soiled outer hard surfaces using softwash exterior cleaning products.

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