37 Peacocktail Close, Edinburgh EH15 3QT
Mon-Fri 06:00 AM - 04:00 PM
37 Peacocktail Close, Edinburgh EH15 3QT
Mon-Fri 06:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Cleaning Methods

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Delivering intelligent cleaning solutions across Scotland

Cleaning Methods and Equipment

Any Level has been professionally cleaning homes and businesses across central Scotland since 2007. We pride ourselves in continually reinvesting in our equipment, and staff training making our services one of the best cleaning solutions available in Central Scotland.

We ensure all cleaning technicians are fully trained and accredited where necessary to use all equipment needed to deliver our range of professional cleaning services.


Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

Any Level uses the Reach and Wash System when cleaning the majority of clients external windows at height. We feel that in these circumstances, the water fed pole performs much better than traditional methods considering the time saved when eliminating the use of ladders, not to mention the increased worker and public safety. The Reach and Wash systems use pure water which is a far more environmentally friendly cleaning process as it cleans windows without the need for any cleaning agent. As a result, it leaves no soapy residue behind for dirt to stick too and so your windows stay cleaner for longer. Also handy for conservatories, skylights, and solar panel cleaning as cleaning products can cause damage over time.

Traditional Window Cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning is still one of the widest used window cleaning methods, even in high reach window cleaning scenarios. You can not use pole fed window cleaning systems indoors; this is where traditional methods used in combination with high access equipment such as platforms and lifts are used to reach and clean windows safely. We use a conventional window cleaning methods for nearly all internal windows.

The best Window Cleaning approach

Both Reach and Wash and Traditional Window Cleaning have their strengths, weaknesses, and criteriums for use. Determining factors with the buildings the individual client requirements dictate the approach and methods we adopted with each job. Using a combination of techniques and task specific equipment we deliver the safest, most cost-efficient window cleaning solution for our customers every time.