Four Common Window Cleaning Mistakes You Must Be Aware Of

Cleaning is an essential household activity that must be done regularly to maintain hygiene and the aesthetic appeal of the property. Window cleaning is an important aspect of entire home cleaning, which equally needs attention while cleaning the entire home. However, it is not possible to conduct home cleaning daily; it must be done very frequently to keep the window cleaned all the time. Either you should avoid common window cleaning mistakes, or you should directly approach the professional residential window cleaning service in Edinburgh.

Here are the common window-cleaning mistakes;

  • Begin cleaning with large portions- In general, people begin cleaning with a larger portion, which is not the right approach. Beginning the cleaning with a large option can be very confusing. You are likely to forget the parts that you have not cleaned yet. Instead, choose smaller portions and clean them one by one. This way, you will not be likely to miss any part of the window.
  • Starting from the bottom– This is another common window cleaning mistake that you should avoid. Starting to clean the window from the bottom to the top is not the right approach. The solution will drip down and make the entire bottom parts dirty again. In that case, you will have to re-wipe the window. Instead, start from the top of the window.
  • Cleaning only one side of the window- Just because accessing one side of the window is easy, it does not mean you should skip another side of the window. Both sides of the window are exposed to external elements, which means they will get dirtier over time. That’s why both side cleaning is important no matter whether it is residential or commercial window cleaning in Edinburgh. The window glasses will shine only when they are cleaned from both sides. In simple terms, no matter how much effort you put into window cleaning, they will not appear nice until they are not cleaned from both sides.
  • Cleaning with no dusting- All your efforts will be wasted if you clean without dusting the window. Before you begin cleaning, your first step should be dusting to remove the dust gathered on the glass frames. You can use brushes with soft bristles to wipe down the corners. Meanwhile, also remove window frames. After you have removed the dirt from the window, window cleaning will become easier and more effective.
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